12 Kid-Friendly Decorating Ideas you should know

Kid-Friendly Decorating Ideas you should know

It can seem worrisome to decorate a space suitable for the kids. Kids can be very creative and their room should be designed to encourage their creativity.

No matter the design given presently, the kids will soon outgrow them. That’s notwithstanding, their present room should encourage their fun-filled life.

Whether you’re decorating for a boy’s or girl’s room, the ideas below will be helpful.

  1. Consider the shape of the room

The shape of the room will determine how to fix things in the room. If the room is too small, figure out the best ways to install things.

Instead of installing a bed with frames, get a plain bed. Fix the bed in a position that will make it fun. Hang up certain things to leave enough space on the floor.

Squeeze-in things into the room to make it safe and cool for the kids. Bear in mind that they will play, study and still sleep in that same room.

  1. Raise the bed from the floor to save space

Children require a lot of space and getting their beds raised from the ground is helpful. You can get the bed suspended from the ceiling. You can as well use high rise beds.

The bed’s leg should be small but long. The kids can utilize the space under the bed for their fun time. They can also be used for their reading space.

As the kids grow older, the space might not be enough. It can be adjusted to accommodate other things.

  1. Generate a theme

The arrangement of the kid’s room should form one of their favorite themes. The theme could be spaceship captain, Calvin, and Hobbes, Barbie, inside out, etc.

A room with a theme gives kids great pleasure. It also lets you make out space for a lot of things.

  1. Utilize the wall space

Because of the need for space, it’s good to use up the space in the wall. This will assist in keeping the floor free.

The wall above the bed can be used for hanging artworks and stickers. Additionally, a peg rail can be hung there as well. The kids can hang PE bags and a few other items like their dressing robe.

Utilizing the wall space can minimize the rate at which kids lose their stuff. They can easily hang up their stuff after using them.

  1. Use wallpapers on one side of the wall

Over-decorating the room will make it look awkward. That is why it’s good to use wallpapers on one side of the room.

The wallpaper should be of a bright color and should also look interesting. The colors should be in line with the already existing color in the room. It should blend with the wall paint and other colors in the room.

A bold and bright patterned wallpaper can be charming. It might seem simple but it brings out the vibrancy in the kids’ room.

  1. Purchase the right kind of bed

When two kids are sharing a room, beds help to save up floor space. The best kind of bed in this situation is bunk beds.

The bunk bed should be the children’s size. They can be replaced as the children grow older. The bed can be painted to make a warm blend with the room.

Alternatively, the bunk’s material should be the same as the other furniture in the room.

  1. Balance the rooms color

Rooms with little space should have bright colors, preferably white. White manages the room’s size and makes it look perfect. Paint can give the room a total transformation.

The white should be complemented with other colors to entice the kids. Patterns or other designs can go well with the white color.

Those complementing colors would go well with the rugs, curtains and other decorative items. Other items used by the kids have their own colorful look. This gives the room varieties of color.

  1. Let the furniture serve dual function

A good decorative idea is getting particular furniture to serve a double function. For instance, a homework table can serve as a bedside table.

Moreover, since the kid’s clothes are short, their wardrobe can be used for drawers. The upper chamber can serve as a wardrobe while the down chamber serves as a drawer. The drawer can be used in storing toys and other items.

Before bringing in any furniture, ensure the room is measured so the furniture fits properly. The furniture you buy should be what the kids really need. Don’t waste space by bringing in unnecessary furniture.

  1. Stylishly unveil your kids’ masterpiece

Most times instead of discarding your kids’ painting, display them with style. The displays will boost your kid’s confidence to get more creative.

You can design a frame to make exposing the artworks beautiful. This can add color to the room. It’s good to arrange them in a particular position.

Your kids will get to always want to show off their new pieces. This will get them more creative when designing their own frames. You can hang most of the artwork.

  1. Carve out a desk space

After installing the wardrobe, they might be little space left out beside it. The space can fit in a desk. The desk can be used for study.

Most of the kids’ other items can be arranged on the wall to save space. A lamp and a pencil pot can be hung on the wall for study.

  1. Install a floating shelf

After arranging things and there is space for a bookshelf, install a floating shelf. A particular side of the room can be used to float shelves.

Because of the weight of the books, the shelf should be made many. The books should be well arranged and separated to prevent them from falling.

  1. Attach a slide and swing

Children are natural fun lovers. Adding a slide to their bunk will give them more play space. It will also make getting out of bed in the morning fun.

The swing can also be installed in a safe area in the room. Because it doesn’t take up much space, the kids will be grateful to swing.


Children love colors. The kid-friendly decorative ideas above will make the kids glad. It’ll make them appreciate their room and keep their things tidy.

They will be motivated to be creative and go to bed on time.

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