17 Amazing Tricks to Make a Small Room Appear Much Bigger Than Usual

Tricks to Make a Small Room Appear Much Bigger

It isn’t far from realistic to make a small room appear much bigger than usual. But some certain tricks you use in arranging your small room can make it look bigger.

If you are living in a small room in a big city and wish to make it look elegant, applying simple tricks can help to achieve it.

Even if you have a bigger size bed in your room, simple touch-ups can make the bedroom appear great.

Having a small cramped room can make you, the occupant feel so low. Utilize the ideas in this post to make your small room appear much bigger.

  1. Create spaces on the floor

Create spaces in and out of the room. Remove all accessories and from walkways to create a space on the floor.

A room will actually look cramped when there is no space to navigate it. However, it will appear bigger and comfortable when it has spaces on the floor.

  1. Use flowy curtains, instead of blinds

A long, flowy curtain is perfect for a small bedroom. Make the ceiling height look maximized by setting the curtains rods close to the ceiling.

Again, the panels should be long enough to drape down to the floor. Even if the length didn’t extend to the floor, it should be a bit near.

This will not only make the room look much bigger, but will also make it look stylish and attractive. Floor-to ceiling curtains help the room look bigger than usual.

  1. Clear out clutter

What’s the need to store things that are not of use in the bedroom? The collection of untidy stuff makes the room appear much smaller.

If you want to make your bedroom appear bigger, you need to clear out the clutter. The bedroom if less cluttered, will have a perception of space and look bigger.

Check the room to see if there are old things that are no longer needed. Discard such things to free up space and upgrade the appearance of the room.

  1. Remove large furniture

Avoid making your room uncomfortably small with large furniture. If you must put furniture in the room, get a small bedroom bench instead of large sofas.

Choose furniture options like short pieces of an armless chair, a low table, ottoman or other smaller furniture.

Certain furniture can take up space in a room due to their sizes and patterns. When purchasing bedroom furniture, consider smaller-sized ones that will leave some space.

Similarly, buy bed furniture with risers that can lift the bed to create space underneath. Then, you can use the space to store certain things that clutter the room.

  1. Built-ins bed shelves

As a matter of fact, a built-in shelve around the bedroom furniture will make the smaller room look bigger.

If your small bedroom has inadequate space for standard shelves, built-in bedding shelves are a perfect idea to tackle the problem.

With these shelves, you can store valuable items with ease. The shelves save up space of bedside tables and make the room look bigger.

  1. Pull furniture away from the wall

Pushing furniture against the wall is a common room arrangement mistake people make.

Notably, furniture should be in the middle of space for some reason. Firstly, to create furnishing space and make the conversation region more closely.

Ultimately, pulling furniture away from the wall creates space and makes the room bigger.

Conversely, small rooms look more cramped when furniture is pushed against the wall.

  1. Store some belongings under the bed

This point serves the importance of using bedding with risers. If your bedroom furniture has the support that elevates it from the floor, you are at advantage of saving up space now.

A bedroom with more space looks bigger than a cluttered bedroom.  Use the space underneath the bed to store clothing and accessories to create more space.

Often times, storage issues make the bedroom look cramped. But, when most of the items and stored under the bed, more space is created in the room.

  1. Get Over-the-Door Shoe Racks

In one bedroom, you still have to arrange your shoes on the floor. Leave out that space you would have used for shoes by getting shoe organizers.

Over-the-door shoe racks can hold up 36 pairs of shoes. Why lining your shoes up on the floor?

Opt-in for shoe organizer or shoe rack now to hang your shoes. Hanging your shoes on the rack makes your small room appear, even much bigger.

  1. Buy multiple-functions furniture

Instead of having too many furniture in the room, you can get the ones that serve multiple functions.

The lesser the number of furniture in the room, the more space you will have. Do not use different furniture when one can serve the same function.

For instance, a piece of ottoman furniture can serve as a bedroom seat and a coffee table. So, invest in one ottoman furniture, instead of buying a bedroom seat and coffee table separately.

  1. Coordinate colors

Match up the color of the furniture in your room with that of the wall. Bedroom color management can also help to create space.

Wall color, when matched with furniture color, tends to blend with the space. But, an obvious difference in furniture and wall color breaks up space in the bedroom.

Preferably, the white-colored paint can create space in a tiny room. The ceiling-paint color is not left out in this option. The ceiling color should match with the paint color in the room.

  1. Place mirror rightfully

Mirror can wonderfully create space in a way you never imagined. Hang your mirror using a focal point to give the room an ultimate illusion.

Stand a large mirror framed mirror against the wall to make it look bigger. Mirror creates room-enlarging effects due to its reflective surface.

Again, the position of the mirror matters. Hang mirrors in a position where it gives the best reflection of things around you.

  1. Enclosed garment wardrobe

For the storage of expensive clothing or outing wears, enclosed clothing storage is a solution.

The enclosed rack can be used to store garments and other clothing accessories. It serves as made-easy for clothing storage and creates space in the room.

  1. Use folding desks

You can easily create your dream with little effort and creative ideas. Use folding desks in your bedroom.

Folding desks are space-saving desks that can create enough space in the room. They can be folded and kept under the bed when you are not using them.

  1. Don’t use tall chairs and tables

A small bedroom design doesn’t really need tall chairs and tables. For a small room to look elegant and bigger, the chairs and tables shouldn’t be too high.

The sizes of the furniture should be kept low to the ground. Also, keep the headboard about 3 inches near the mattress.

Even if the bedroom has a smaller ceiling, you can still create space by keeping things low to the ground.

Tall furniture can use up the space between the ceiling and the ground. This will as well reduce the size of the room more and more.

  1. Light-up the room

Lightening up the room opens interiors and makes it appear bigger. Using lighting fixtures can create effects in the room.

Similarly, arrange things in a way to allow the reflection of natural lights through the windows.

Illumination of light tricks the eye to believe that room-space is larger than it is. So, if there is no reflection of natural lights, try to install a ceiling fixture to illuminate the room.

  1. Avoid unnecessary decoration

This is where most people fail. Over-decorating the room makes it look smaller than it actually is.

Falling on the trap of unnecessary room decoration gives the room an awkward look. This will not only end your room in a cluttered condition but will also use up spaces.

If you wish to beautify the room with wall decors, artworks, pictures and the rest, use just a few eye-catching ones. The room can seem bigger with less-decorative items, so keep it simple.

  1. Use one pattern of arrangement

Try to coordinate the room with one pattern of arrangement. Follow one pattern of line movement.

If you choose a horizontal arrangement, you have to follow it all through. Using two different patterns in a small-sized room breaks up the room segment.

You can use either a vertical or horizontal pattern. Either of them can serve but tend not to mix the two. This will make the room look smaller than usual.


No matter how small your bedroom seems to be, you can use creativity to make out space and make it bigger.

Making your room look much bigger than usual requires saving up some space. Utilize the creative bedroom ideas provided above to make your small room appear bigger.

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